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Keep your customers up to date with their homebuild progress

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hometrack Dashboard

Manage the progress of plots & update your customers in real time

Trakable delivers automated updates to your customers about their new build home, combined with opportunities to create extra revenue.

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Build timeline

Keep your customers up to date with the progress of their plot with the option to share photos. With the build timeline and statuses tailored to your build process.

hometrack Dashboard
hometrack Dashboard

Document manager

Attach documents such as reservation confirmations, welcome information and warranties to customer accounts from one place. You can also attach documents to multiple customers and entire developments.

Finishing touches

Pre-load your home customisation options for each house type from flooring to power sockets, giving customers instant access to plot-specific pricing, with a great opportunity to upsell.

hometrack Dashboard

Automated updates

Every time a status changes, a document is uploaded or an update is made, an automated email is sent to your customer, making sure they’re always in the loop.

Notification centre

Save your sales team time from writing and managing multiple emails. Create templates and send notifications to individual customers or entire developments.

User permissions

Assign specific developments to your individual members of your sales team, allowing them to focus on their customers.

On-site updates

Site managers can update build statuses and upload progress photos while on-site, to specific plots, directly from their mobile or tablet.

Snag manager

Customers can submit snags to their account with photo or video attachments for the customer service team to review and manage.

Branded to you

From applying your branding to setting up a custom domain, our team will tailor trakable to provide a consistent, on-brand experience for your customers.

Integrate with your existing setup

Trakable can be used as a standalone customer service tool or our team can work with you to create a complete integration with your existing web tools and software.